Saturday, 8 September 2018

ok...I've been into america since I was about 12 years old. Thats when I started watching american football on british tv. 
I got involved in the sport, and from there things moved on.

Now, this is where someone may well, get a little bit pissed off at me, BUT... because I'm not american, I can see things that most americans cant. AND i have proved this repeatedly when I have been over in the USA and talking to friends there.
Right... so you had a war with England... You had a war between the North and the South. In that war Black people, who were transported to the North Americas, by COLUMBUS...fought, died, sacrificed, under that flag. They gave their lives for their future descendants to piss on that flag, is that what Kapernick is kneeling for???? to say f*** you to all those black Americans who died to give him the life he has today, the opportunities hes has? 
All is not well in the USA, All is not well in England. 
However, to belittle the sacrifices people have made in the past, so that people can have the chance of a future????? 

erm.. what about pink ones, grey ones, blue ones, purple ones, brown ones?? do they matter less than Black ones?
Were only black people killed in the Twin Towers????
Were only black americans killed in Afghanistan??? 
Certain people only ever see what they want to see, they ignore what does not make their cause LOOK the way they want it to, to other people.

Islamists say that christians started all the shit.. by the crusades.
Erm.. why did the crusades start.. because islamists invaded various places.. making into Spain, which was a catholic country. 
So, who really started the shit???? 

In this universe there is cause and effect, basic principle of physics.
Theres always a start point. 

In my country, people shout "go home paki".... the response is... " we are home dick head"..
How far back do we go to show we are indigenous to GB (for those americans who dont know... GB is GREAT BRITAIN... UK IS UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN.. )
How far do you go back with the ancestry to show your part of this country?
MY ancestry goes back to the vikings in about 700ad.. other parts go slightly further back, to the Celts. 
Prior to that, it goes back to the goths in what is now Germany.. and about 200ad... before that, human migration.. 

Rambling point is... a hell of a lot of people, doing this take a knee shit, are pissing all over their own ancestors who fought and died to give them that ability to kneel for the Flag, for the National anthem. 
"Cookies" in world war 2, standing in that kitchen itching to fire that gun and take out the Zeroes diving at their ship. Eventually getting the chance, to defend their ship mates, defend that Flag. 
Tuskegee Airmen, flying for that Flag and saluting it, and the Anthem. 
Lets all just piss on that. 
Be careful america.. you may just wake up one day, and be arrested by someone for holding up an American Flag... its happening all the time over here in England.
World cup, England flags, which is the Flag of St George, were torn down, by police, because people were offended by then. Union flags (only a union jack when on a ship) were torn down, because people were offended by them.!!!!!

Beware, beware...

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Its always darkest before the dawn, or so the saying goes.

Its always darkest before the dawn, or so the saying goes.

Recently there hasn't even been a dawn.
One year and a few days ago, I was stabbed in the face by a complete bastard, who 6 months later was found dead in his flat. Due to "his life catching up with him" so the police say.

What that meant was he'd died of either an overdose of drugs or alcohol or a mixture of both.
It doesnt stop me waking up in the night, after a nightmare of seeing a split second of sharp metal hitting my face, then warm blood pouring down my cheek.

It doesnt stop me felling nauseous in a DIY store, near the stanley knives.
Gets freaky watching a utube vid of a biker working on his bike, cutting tape with a knife.
The screams inside  dont subside either...

Dreams that are not dreams, but no quite reality

A new muse may have walked into my life again. The artistic flow is starting to move, the block might be finally lifting.. who knows.

I penned this not so long again...

And I had a dream I guess, I was tipping back into sleep... I dreamt that we'd been talking for ages, skyping, and that you had invited me over to meet.
So, I come thru the doorway of the airport into baggage collection, and your there.
Hair up in a bun, eyes sparkling in the sunlight. 
I just stand there, taking in every detail, the slight frown of your face, then the smile when your eyes meet mine.
The glow as if someone just switched on every single light on the planet.
I walk slowly over to you, stand in front of you, your moving from foot to foot, as if standing on hot coals and not knowing how to fire walk.
"Hi... I made it and you look more beautiful in real life, than skype or photos can ever express, even if both were 3d."
You go to say something but I open my arms, and enfold you in them. Gently placing your head against my chest.
You can hear my heart beating fast, you hear me breathe in your scent, and the beat changes, you hear it miss beat then beat even faster.
My hand moves to your hair and you feel my fingers stroke your hair, my fingers feeling the texture of the fibres of hair.
Time is frozen for us, its like we are the only people in the whole of the airport, the city, the state, the world.. maybe even the universe.
We're both shocked out of this timelessness, but a small old lady, who bumps my arm around you. 
"Sonny.. kiss her... seal the deal" She says, in her strong irish accent.. "Dont let him get away girl... he looks like a keeper, if hes holding you like that", then she giggles.. and motions for us to kiss.
I look down at your face, looking into your eyes, wondering if I dare take that step. Steal that kiss.... 

A little rusty at writing... but thank you

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